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World's Favorite Solos For Classical Guitar Volume 43 Book

World's Favorite Solos For Classical Guitar Volume 43 Book

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World's Favorite Solos For Classical Guitar Volume 43 Book¬† ūüďö

"World's Favorite Solos For Classical Guitar Volume 43" is a comprehensive collection of the finest solo guitar pieces created by renowned composer-guitarists. This book spans 128 pages and brings together a diverse selection of classical guitar solos, making it an ideal resource for guitarists looking to explore and perform some of the most beloved compositions in the classical guitar repertoire.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this volume offers a rich array of solos to enhance your repertoire and showcase your skills.

Song Titles Include:

  • Pavana No. 1¬†¬†Composed by Luis Milan,¬†D Major
  • Pavana No. 2¬†¬†Composed by Luis Milan,¬†D Major
  • Preludium¬†¬†Composed by William Byrd,¬†E Major
  • Mascherta¬†¬†Composed by Anonymous,¬†D Major
  • Minuet in D¬†¬†Composed by Robert De Visee
  • Bourree¬†¬†Composed by Robert De Visee,¬†D Minor
  • Minuet in D minor¬†¬†Composed by Robert De Visee
  • Sarabande¬†¬†Composed by Robert De Visee,¬†A Major
  • Minuet in E Minor¬†¬†Composed by Robert De Visee
  • Minuet¬†¬†Composed by Henry Purcell,¬†A Minor
  • Little Fugue¬†¬†Composed by Domenico Zipoli,¬†A Major
  • Bouree¬†¬†Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach,¬†B Minor
  • Bouree In E Minor¬†¬†Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Prelude¬†¬†Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach,¬†D Minor
  • Andante¬†¬†Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,¬†E Major
  • Allegretto¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Carulli,¬†E Major
  • Rondo¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Carulli,¬†D Major
  • Waltz¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Carulli,¬†C Major
  • Andantino¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Carulli,¬†A Minor
  • Prelude in D minor¬†¬†Composed by Francesco Molino,¬†D Minor
  • Prelude in E Minor¬†¬†Composed by Francesco Molino
  • Prelude In Bb Major¬†¬†Composed by Francesco Molino
  • Spanish Ballad¬†¬†E Minor
  • Study In C ¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In A¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In D ¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In B Minor¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study in A Minor¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In D Minor¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In G ¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Study In Bb¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Leccion In A Minor¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Leccion In A¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Minuet In G¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Minuet In A¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Minuet In C¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor
  • Variations On A Theme By Mozart¬†¬†Composed by Fernando Sor,¬†E Major
  • Allegro¬†¬†Composed by Mauro Giuliani,¬†E Minor
  • Maestoso¬†¬†Composed by Mauro Giuliani,¬†C Major
  • Dance Rondo¬†¬†Composed by Mauro Giuliani,¬†E Minor
  • Cadence¬†¬†Composed by Mauro Giuliani,¬†C Major
  • Moderato¬†¬†Composed by Mauro Giuliani,¬†C Major
  • Adagio ¬†¬†Composed by Dionisio Aguado,¬†A Minor
  • Caprice ¬†¬†Composed by Luigi Legnani,¬†E Minor
  • Study In F ¬†¬†Composed by Mateo Carcassi
  • Etude¬†¬†Composed by Napoleon Coste,¬†A Major
  • Bagatelle¬†¬†Composed by Robert Schumann,¬†C Major
  • Melody¬†¬†Composed by Robert Schumann,¬†C Major
  • Recuerdos De La Alhambra¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†A Minor
  • Capricho Arabe¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†D Minor
  • Lagrima¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†E Major
  • Mazurca¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†C Major
  • Pavana¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†E Major
  • Adelita¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†E Minor
  • Maria¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†A Minor
  • Marieta¬†¬†Composed by Francisco Tarrega,¬†A Minor
  • Leyeda¬†¬†Composed by Isaac Albeniz,¬†E Minor
  • Nocturne De Salon¬†¬†For two guitars,¬†Composed by Fernando Carulli,¬†C Major

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