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Yamaha Slide Grease Twist Stick (5g)

Yamaha Slide Grease Twist Stick (5g)

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Yamaha Slide Grease Stick (5g)

Keep Your Instrument in Pristine Playing Condition

The Slide Grease Ensures a Better Seal while Preventing Wear and Corrosion

Ensure smooth and effortless sliding with the Yamaha Slide Grease Stick. This convenient twist-top stick provides the perfect solution to keep your instrument's slides slick and well-maintained.

With its high-quality formulation, the Yamaha Slide Grease Stick offers excellent protection and lubrication for your instrument's slides, ensuring they operate smoothly and efficiently. The grease helps to reduce friction, allowing for seamless gliding and preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your instrument.

Designed for convenience, the compact 5g stick is easy to carry in your instrument case, making it readily available whenever you need to apply it. Simply twist the top of the stick and apply a small amount of grease to the slides for instant lubrication.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Lubrication: With just a small amount of this synthetic grease, your instrument slides will stay well-lubricated, allowing for seamless and effortless performance.
  • Temperature Stability: The synthetic formula of this grease ensures stability in various temperature conditions, making it suitable for use in different playing environments.
  • Essential Accessory: This product is an essential accessory for musicians who want to maintain their instrument's slides and ensure optimal playability.
  • Genuine Yamaha Product: Rest assured that you're using a genuine Yamaha product, trusted by musicians worldwide.

Whether you're a professional musician or a student, the Yamaha Slide Grease Stick is an essential tool to keep your brass instrument slides in top-notch condition, ensuring you always deliver your best performance.

Directions For use:

  • Use the gauze to remove dirt from the valve slide’s surface then apply a little slide grease to the surface of the inner section of the valve slide.
  • Slide the main tuning slide back and forth a few times to distribute the grease evenly.

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