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Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup & Maintenance Book (6 x 9)

Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup & Maintenance Book (6 x 9)

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Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup & Maintenance Book (6 x 9) 📚

 Learn to Properly Adjust Your Guitar for Peak Playability & Optimum Sound

Full Colour Edition In A Convenient Smaller 6 x 9 Size

The "Hal Leonard Guitar Method - Setup & Maintenance Book" is a comprehensive guide designed to help guitarists properly adjust their instruments for peak playability and optimum sound. Presented in a convenient 6 x 9 inch size, this full-colour edition offers step-by-step instructions and photos to assist guitarists in adjusting various components of both electric and acoustic guitars. 112 pages. 

Key Features Include:

1. Action Adjustment: Learn how to adjust the height of the strings from the fretboard to achieve comfortable playability and optimal tone.

2. Truss Rod Adjustment: Understand how to adjust the truss rod to counteract the effects of string tension and maintain the guitar's ideal neck curvature.

3. Bridge Saddles and Nut Adjustment: Discover how to fine-tune the height and spacing of the bridge saddles and nut to ensure proper intonation and string action.

4. Intonation: Learn how to set the intonation to ensure accurate pitch across all frets on the guitar.

5. Basic Electronic Repairs: The book covers basic electronic repairs, empowering guitarists to tackle common issues with pickups, switches, and other electronic components.

By following the clear instructions and visual aids provided in this book, guitarists can gain the confidence to perform setup and maintenance tasks on their guitars without the need for constant visits to a repair shop. Taking the time to understand and adjust these critical aspects of the instrument can significantly enhance the playability and sound quality of the guitar.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced guitarist, this Setup & Maintenance Book offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you become your own guitar repair person. With 112 pages of essential information, this book is a must-have resource for any guitarist looking to keep their instrument in top condition and unlock its full potential. 

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